Agilitee rolls out Electric delivery scooters in a massive scale

Green Revolution and AI leader and the world’s first black owned electric vehicle manufacturer, Agilitee has finally started to roll out in a large scale its full electric delivery scooters in South Africa. 

The company has been drip feeding the market with its product since last year and has today decided to launch the bikes in an industrial scale.

The scooter is one of the products showcased at the prestigious company launch held in Johannesburg last May.

E delivery LoadeX scooters ready for the market. Image: Courtesy.

The EV giant is set to increase its deliveries   in Zimbabwe on the 1st of September 2022 after a test run was done in May this year.

Plans are afoot to roll out the products to the rest of Africa.

The founder shared on his social media platforms that the roll out has started and its roll out comes with Africa’s first AI Helmet. 

The electric scooter being rolled out is Agilitee – Loadex which has a range of 70km per charge. The EV giant uses swapping machines that allow owners to swap the loadex removable batteries within 60 seconds and continue with their deliveries.

 Those who use Agilitee Loadex swap batteries for free of charge and this is great saving for the drivers and owners. 

Delivery Scooters in South Africa spend between R1000 and R1500 on petrol per week which is R4000 to R6000 per month which will now become profit for the drivers and owners. 

Agilitee is intending to roll out 20, 000 delivery scooters in Africa by Christmas.

Top of the range Agilitee helmets are now on the market. Image: courtesy

Speaking to this publication billionaire founder stated that, no one will do what Agilitee does its things.

“We are here to end poverty, imagine what used to be R6000 petrol cost per month in South Africa for the delivery scooters will now become profit that will allow the drivers to get more scooters and grow the business. God is doing a new thing in Africa, the time has come for Africa to rise and I am humbled that God chose village people like us to spearhead the charge. Agilitee puts purpose over profit, its time Africa has a Savior that cares about change more than profit,” said Dr Lamba.

Agilitee is currently busy with an IPO on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the company is raising $2 billion by selling 10% to investors.

Dr Lamba owns 77.5% of Agilitee and is the largest shareholder making him the richest person in South Africa and second richest man in Africa with an estimated net worth of $15.5 billion.

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