Agilitee to shakeup ride hailing industry with Green 8 Mile Ev app  

Africa’s Green Revolution Leader and top entrepreneur Billionaire Dr. Mandla Lamba has now unveiled what is set to be the world’s first full electric vehicles e-hailing platform known as Green 8 Mile.

Green 8 Mile is a full electric vehicles e-hailing app created to simplify everyday transport through carbon free, cost effective, innovative, easy-to-use tools for hailing and paying for electric vehicles rides.

“That is the world we are building, we are working on an Ecosystem that feeds the entire chain of transportation, Green 8 Mile is an addition to the work done through Agilitee even though it is only affiliated with Agilitee on the basis that Agilitee supplies it with electric vehicles and also that both companies are owned by the same Billionaire Visionary,” Dr. Lamba said.

Agilitee’s Ev vehicle dashboard.

The app will be available for free on iPhone and Android devices, Green 8 Mile connects you to the nearest available drivers in each of its locations around the world, to get you where you’re going environmentally cleaner, safer and faster!

Commenting on the initiative, the billionaire stated the platform has started accepting owner operators who want to join the platform and make money from it and is building up to 10 000 owner operators that will employ 50 000 drivers as Green 8 Mile plans to roll out 50, 000 full electric cars on South African roads over the next 12 months.

“Our model is simple and straightforward, we want to create 10 000 new owner operators who will even get in house financing for the vehicles and this means we provide both the business opportunity and the electric vehicles,

“Our in house financing facility is interest free and our repayment method is different from traditional financing because we don’t take monthly instalments instead we take a small percentage of the profit per month until an owner operator has fully paid for the car and when there’s no profit there’s no repayment,” he said.

He explained that each owner operator is given 5 cars and in turn gets to hire 5 drivers as a minimum and yet they can add more cars as they so desire. 3 of the cars on the platform are Agilitee cars and we have partnered with other EV Makers overseas that are also bringing more models and class to the offering.

The opportunity is open to all in the whole of Africa even though the platform is a global platform and Green 8 Mile is headquartered in America. Green 8 Mile will slash travel cost by 50% making e-hailing an attractive way of traveling because of the safety, the class and the affordability. 

The company has five segments on the platform which makes it the first e-hailing platform to even do such.

 The first segment is entry-level electric cars which are Agilitee manufactured cars, then there’s middle level electric cars, VIP and VVIP. Then within the app there’s commercial vehicles such pick up vans and up to 8 ton trucks, panel vans and 16 seater taxis.

Green 8 Mile is centralizing mobility at the same time slashing costs; for instance, one can walk in a Hardware to buy bags of cement and call an electric truck from Green 8 Mile app that will cost 50% lesser than current costs from combustion engine trucks.

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