Uganda’s Entebbe international airport mandates digital health ticket

All Passengers in and out of Uganda’s Entebbe Airport are now required to fill in a digital Ministry of Health declaration form (within 24 hours prior to travel), the Country’s Civil Aviation Authority has announced on its official Twitter channel.

The form is available on the link or scan QR code as indicated in the AIP supplement 21.

This development is a digitization of a measure that has been effective 27th October 2022 when Uganda’s ministry of health (MoH) requited all travelers who enter Uganda via airports and other to complete the MoH Uganda Travel Health Declaration.

“All passengers arriving to and departing from Uganda are required to complete the Traveler Health Declaration form within 24 hours of the flight time,

“All travelers should hold a valid COVID19 vaccination certificate or negative PCR test with a sample taken at most 72 hours prior to the first port of embarkation, en-route to Uganda.

“Children below the age of 5 years are exempted. In case you give wrong information you will be fined!” read a notice by the MoH earlier this year.

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