Bybit Introduces Double-Win, a Revolutionary Trading Tool to Capture Market Movement

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, 16 October 2023 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/-Bybit, the world’s third most visited crypto exchange, is thrilled to announce the launch of Double-Win, an innovative trading tool designed to empower users and maximize profit potential in the dynamic crypto market.

Double-Win is a groundbreaking short-term structured product that enables users to react swiftly to violent market movements and fast-paced market environment, regardless of whether they are bullish or bearish to. Available now on PC and Android platforms, the iOS version of Double-Win will be released soon.

Key Features of Double-Win include:

  1. Flexibility: Double-Win allows traders to profit from market fluctuations in both upward and downward directions, ensuring maximum benefit from volatile price movements.
  2. Swift Reaction: With the ability to react swiftly to violent market movements, Double-Win empowers traders to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities.
  3. Unique Profit Mechanism: By offering the ability to profit as long as the settlement price moves away from the preset range, Double-Win provides traders with unparalleled opportunities to achieve exceptional profits.
  4. Wide Platform Availability: Currently available on PC and Android platforms, the iOS version is set to be released soon; access through multi-devices supported.

The unique features set Double-Win apart from traditional trading strategies, Bybit users can now capture market opportunities more effectively, optimize their trading strategies, and achieve exceptional results.

“We are excited to introduce Double-Win, a new product aimed at empowering crypto traders,” said Ben Zhou, CEO of Bybit. “By expanding our tools like Double-Win, we are diversifying our strategy and solutions for users. This approach gives traders flexibility across assets. With Double-Win as part of our offering, Bybit is well-positioned to meet evolving user needs and achieve success in crypto trading.”

Bybit #TheCryptoArk

Distributed by African Media Agency (AMA) on behalf of Bybit.

About Bybit

Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange established in 2018 that offers a professional platform where crypto traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, excellent customer service and multilingual community support. Bybit is a proud partner of Formula One’s reigning Constructors’ and Drivers’ champions, the Oracle Red Bull Racing team, esports teams Astralis, Alliance, Made in Brazil (MIBR), and Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports.

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